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Natural Wines in Venice – Our Selection – Vineria all’Amarone

You have asked us for them and here they are! We are happy to announce that thanks to Meteri, a reference point for the distribution of natural wine, we have expanded our wine list with some new arrivals. Natural, artisanal, biodynamic, organic … However you want to call them, they are unique wines that reflect the history of a territory – in this case Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia – and are produced by independent winemakers who, with great passion, chose the most difficult path to create something extraordinary.

What are natural wines (and why we like them)

Perhaps more than a product it would be correct to speak of a real philosophy of wine and of the way of producing wine, taking extreme care of the raw materials and of the soil that hosts it. In fact, natural wines are made without chemical additives or pesticides and without many manipulations. The only concession is the possibility of treating the vineyard with natural substances, such as sulfur and copper, reduced to a minimum.

“…natural wines are made without chemical additives or pesticides and without manipulation.”

From the harvest, which takes place manually, we go to the cellar where the fermentation takes place thanks to indigenous yeasts, already present in the grapes. What about sulphites? Very few and only if necessary, enough to guarantee taste, properties and the distinctive character that represents these wines. And this is exactly why we like them: because they are not simply good and genuine, but they have a world to tell.

Vini Naturali a Vineria all'Amarone

Between terroir and excellence

Our selection, like a journey, starts from Valpolicella, from a cellar located in the Mezzane Valley. Monte Caro was born from an idea of Enzo Marcolini, when at the end of the 1980s, together with his wife Carla, he decided to settle on a rough and calcareous hilly terrain, nicknamed “the stony ground”, and give life to his business. On this hill, today with the help of children, wines are produced using the natural expression of the territory and of typical vines such as Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella. We chose the Valpolicella DOC Superiore, made with exactly these blends. Elegant, soft and well balanced, unfiltered, with a taste enriched by the short drying of the grapes.

Vini Naturali a Vineria all'Amarone Venezia
Vini Naturali a Vineria all'Amarone Venezia

From Valpolicella we move to Gambellara, in the province of Vicenza, whose volcanic soil characterizes the entire terroir. Here Davide Vignato‘s farm produces wines that reflect the identity of the place, where the land is nourished with natural practices. The grape variety that best represents its personality is Garganega, an autochthonous variety with which “El Gian” Gambellara DOC Classico Bio is obtained & selected by us. “Gian” as Gian Domenico, Davide’s father. The grapes, harvested by hand, spontaneously ferment with their own yeasts, giving a white wine with a delicate, fruity and floral aroma, which becomes sapid and mineral in the mouth. Fresh, immediate, “volcanic”.

We are still in the Veneto region where we encounter Bakari, a project of a collective of professionals in the sector from which natural, good and “socially carefree” wines are born, made from grapes from organic agriculture and characterized by low alcohol content and extremely contained sulphites. We have selected the Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut and the Blanc de Noir Dosaggio Zero, the first based on Friulano, the second on Corvina. Both follow a similar process – spontaneous fermentation, aging in steel, 20 months on the lees – while the dosage of sugars is different, according to the tradition of sparkling wines. Lively, fresh and easy to drink.

Finally, from Veneto we arrive in the Collio, between Friuli and Slovenia. We are in San Floriano, in the vineyards of the Paraschos family, whose company was the first in the area to vinify without added sulphites. The rigorous respect for the environment and the natural balance of the vineyards allows you to create wines with a strong territorial character, characterized by the typical salinity of the ponca. We have chosen an Orange One Bianco IGT Venezia Giulia and a Kai 2016 IGT Venezia Giulia Bianco: the first is a blend of native grapes whose maceration on the skins gives complex aromas and the characteristic amber color; the second is a golden white, 100% Friulano, fruity, ample and persistent. Two great wines.

Are you looking for natural wines? Discover them at all’Amarone!

At Vineria all’Amarone, in Venice, they are now available on the menu. Some by the glass, or each of them by the bottle. Try them and, why not, combine them with a good plate of mixed “Cicchetti” (the Venetian Finger Food). We can’t wait to let you taste them one by one and find out what you think, in the meantime we continue to taste them for you. Cheers!

Update: we have more natural wines coming in soon, Stay tuned!

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