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Wine Tasting in Venice, Italy

Italian Wine 101

Well, here it is, the biggie. In the past, we’ve wowed you with our Amarone 101 and we’ve dazzled you with our Ripasso 101, but we couldn’t help but notice you still had more questions you needed answering, more curiosities as yet unsatisfied, and that
The Beginner's Guide to Amarone Wine

The Beginner’s Guide to Amarone Wine

Amarone della Valpolicella is one of the best-known names in all of Italian wine, a label under which is found some of Italy’s most prestigious and valued reds. It is also a unique wine, as complex to make is it can end up in the
Corvina Grape Characteristics

Valpolicella Wine Styles

Any region worth its salt will have its signature style and its variation. The whole world knows the trademark aromas and flavours of Burgundy, but the difference between Gevrey-Chambertin and Vosne Romanée are nonetheless striking enough to have created different, internationally-recognised brands. Few regions have
Appassimento Process for the Amarone Wine

How Amarone wine is made

So it’s not made like normal wine, then? No two wines are made in exactly the same way.  From the needs of the grapes to the traditions of the region, the ideas of the winemaker or the demands of the vintage, there are innumerable concerns
Wine Tasting Italian Regions

The Veneto wine tasting experience, a new entry!

We are happy to announce a new entry in our wine tasting menu: it’s the “Veneto” Wine Tasting & it’s the ideal “wine flight” to pair with your meal. The “Veneto” wine tasting represents a unique opportunity to experience 5 of the finest local wines.