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Wine Shipping from Venice

Ship your wine safely from Venice, Italy to the United States

Wine Shipping from Italy to the States

Hello, wine enthusiasts! Fancy an Italian wine adventure? Vineria all’Amarone in Venice, Italy is here to whisk you away on a delectable journey featuring the finest Italian wines, with a spotlight on our much-celebrated Valpolicella wines, especially Amarone.

Take a digital dive into our vineyards via our wine tasting offer Even better, swing by our Vineria where we serve more than 20 wines by the glass, including some exceptional Italian wines from older vintages served with the revolutionary Coravin system.

Savor Before You Select – It’s All About Your Choice!

We firmly believe that you should fall in love with what you sip. So, come over, taste, and then cherry-pick your favorites. And guess what? Buying wine straight from us, even including shipping costs, turns out to be more economical than purchasing it in the US. Plus, you get a more diverse variety of perfectly stored wines, which is especially important for those with a short shelf-life.

Italian Wine Your Way with Easy Shipping to the USA

Ready to get your favorite wines delivered to your doorstep? Here’s a look at our shipping rates (in €):

– 1-3 bottles (0-7 kg): €85
– 6 bottles (7-12 kg): €89
– 12 bottles (12-20 kg): €143  €120 until November 30th 2023
– 18 bottles (20-29 kg): €223
– 24 bottles (29-38 kg): €273
– 30 bottles (38-47 kg): €353
– 36 bottles (47-56 kg): €403
– 42 bottles (56-65 kg): €483
– 48 bottles (65-74 kg): €533

Please note that for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, we add an extra €30 for every 12 bottles sent.

You Pick, We Pack, And It’s Off to the USA!

Choose between our standard service (15 working days) or if you’re eager for a quicker delivery, drop us an email at for an express quote.

Our prices cover all the necessary bits and pieces, from VAT (non-applicable, ex. art. 8), certified packaging, customs duties, door-to-door delivery, carrier liability as per current regulations, to handling of export customs formalities.

So, are you ready to transform your home into a little corner of Venice? Get in touch with Vineria all’Amarone today, and let us bring the spirit of Italian wine tasting right to your door. Cheers to good times and great wines. Salute! 🍷🇮🇹

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