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Embark on “A Journey through Valpolicella”: A New Wine Tasting Experience


We’re excited to unveil our newest wine tasting experience: “A Journey through Valpolicella.” This immersive voyage will take you on an exploration of one of Italy’s most enchanting wine regions, Valpolicella. Located in the embrace of Lake Garda to the west and the storied city of Verona to the south, Valpolicella boasts extraordinary winemaking conditions that stand unparalleled in Italy. Our latest offering gives you a chance to delve deep into this region, discovering how diverse vinification and aging techniques can transform almost identical grapes into wines of distinct character.

A Region Like No Other

The beauty of Valpolicella lies not just in its scenic hills and valleys, but also in its unique climate. The region is graced by refreshing breezes from Lake Garda and protected by the Lessini mountains to the north, creating an exceptional environment for winemaking. Now, we bring you the opportunity to experience this terroir firsthand through a curated selection of Valpolicella wines.

Valpolicella Journey Wine Tasting
A Valpolicella Journey Wine Tasting

The Wines on Offer

Valpolicella Doc Classico Superiore “Casalvegri” by “Ca’ La Bionda”
Start your journey with this classic. The “Casalvegri” is a vibrant red, exhibiting notes of cherry and red berries. This wine offers a balanced tannin structure and an enduring finish, perfect for those looking for a wine that exemplifies the youthful exuberance of the Valpolicella region.

Valpolicella Ripasso Doc Superiore “Ripassa” by “Zenato”
Next, discover the complexity of Ripasso techniques with “Ripassa” by Zenato. This wine undergoes a second fermentation with the pressed Amarone grapes, resulting in a richer, more complex flavor profile. Think dark fruit, spices, and hints of chocolate; this wine offers a layered tasting experience you won’t soon forget.

“Kairos” Veneto Igt by “Zymè”
Dive into modern innovation with “Kairos,” a wine that defies easy classification. This wine is crafted from a blend of over 15 grape varieties, leading to a complex and multidimensional wine. Notes of dark fruit, licorice, and spices make it a captivating drink.

Amarone Classico della Valpolicella Docg by “Musella”
No journey through Valpolicella would be complete without a taste of Amarone, the region’s most illustrious wine. This wine from Musella showcases the depth and sophistication that Amarone can offer. Made from dried grapes to intensify flavors, this wine boasts rich notes of dried fruit, tobacco, and spices, framed by a robust structure that promises longevity.

Amarone della Valpolicella Docg Classico Riserva “Ca’ Florian” by “Tommasi”
Last but certainly not least, indulge in the “Ca’ Florian,” a Riserva that represents the pinnacle of Amarone winemaking. Aged for several years before release, this wine exhibits a complex bouquet of aromas ranging from dried cherries and plums to hints of mocha and vanilla. The flavors are equally complex and layered, making it a wine that can be contemplated for hours.

Each wine in this tasting offers something unique, from the youthful vibrancy of “Casalvegri” to the timeless elegance of “Ca’ Florian.” Experience the diversity of Valpolicella and find your personal favorite among these magnificent offerings.

So, whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or new to the world of Italian wines, our “A Journey through Valpolicella” promises a tasting experience that is both educational and immensely enjoyable. We invite you to join us and raise a glass to the art of Italian winemaking. Salute!