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Today’s Special: Culatello!

The Latest Arrival amongst our Italian Cold Cuts  is the “Culatello” literally “Little Rear”.

The Culatello is consired to be the “King of Cured Meat“, the “most prized Cold Cut of Parma” & the “Pig’s Fillet”.

Some more information on the Culatello:

If there is a King of salumi, it’s definitely Culatello di Zibello. Many might think that honor belongs to Prosciutto di Parma, with it’s 5 pointed crown branded onto it’s skin, but in reality, those in the know, understand that Culatello is the true King.

Culatello is made from the large muscle mass in the rear leg of the pig. Creating it means destroying the possibility of making a prosciutto. That, combined with it being a relatively small part of the whole leg, its tremendous aging time, the fact that it’s the best part of the leg, and the expertise required to make it, make it one of the most expensive salumi in Italy, particularly if it adheres to the DOP regulations to be a Zibello culatello.

Source: Cured Meats Blog

Have you ever tasted the Culatello? Do you think it lives up to its extraordinary reputation?

Let us know in the Comments!

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