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Olive Oil Tastings

You knew we did wine tastings, but what about olive oil? As more and more producers get more and more ambitious there has never been a better time to sit down, close your eyes and savour the flavour of a range of different oils, and discover the magic of this, the fundamental building block of all Mediterranean cuisine.

We offer two different tasting ranges: either our survey of the regions and styles of Italian olive oil, or our special look at oils made by famous winemaking houses. Book ahead or drop in, any time any day, on its own or as the perfect start to a meal, on its own or with a glass of wine – and always with our artisanal, half-farro focaccia from Valsana!

Olive Oil Tasting "3 Regions, 3 Blends"

“3 Regions, 3 Blends”

Italy is almost certainly the country with the most cultivars of olive in the world, not to mention the crazy variety of terroirs, microclimates, soils and regional styles. This tasting is our little overview, an example of just a few of the types of quality oil you can get from around Italy.

  1. “I Dolia” EVO, Lunae Bosoni (Liguria)

Ligurian oil is famous for its softness and lightness (perfect for pesto!), and this aromatic offering is no exception. Fresh, peppery and a little nutty.

  1. Veneto Valpolicella DOP EVO, Domini Veneti (Veneto)

A favourite from home! Renowned vignerons Domini Veneti’s oil from the core of our beloved Valpolicella. A classically fine, elegant and fruity offering, beautifully harmonious and gentle.

  1. “Marina Cvetic” EVO, Masciarelli (Abruzzo)

            Abruzzo is a region justly renowned for its extraordinarily complex and delicate oils, restrained and sophisticated products from the hills inland. A particularly spicy and herbaceous olive oil, long-lived and aromatic.

Olive Oil Tasting, 3 Stellar Wine Producers

3 Stellar Wine Producers

Where you can grow grapes you can also grow olives, and nothing proves this old truism more thoroughly than our offering of wonderful olive oils made by great winemakers – three oils from three regions, by three producers of really stellar reputations, this is a tasting not to miss.

  1. Olio EVO Quintarelli, Giuseppe Quintarelli (Veneto)

Iconic Valpolicella producers Quintarelli have produced this exceptional (and exceptionally rare!) oil, using only local olive varieties. Remarkably fresh and spicy, with an intriguingly bitter leaves and nuts element.

  1. Olio EVO Valentini, Valentini (Abruzzo)

A real find, a single-cultivar oil from Valentini, a real top producer of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo in particular. Somewhat more floral, more herbaceous, but with earthy undertones as well.

  1. Olio EVO Tenuta San Guido, Tenuta San Guido (Toscana)

Legendary pioneers of the Super Tuscan style, “Sassicaia” makers Tenuta San Guida, have knocked it out of the park again with their olive oil. Typically Tuscan, it is rich, robust, full yet delicate. A tremendous effort.

The Individual Olive Oils you’ll be tasting

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