“Dream of Venice” for Sale @ all’Amarone!

We are honoured to be amongst the few lucky ones in Venice to be selling “Dream of Venice” at the Vineria, a wonderful book by Joann Locktov that includes sensational pictures by Charles Christopher.

Ask your waiter to buy a copy of the book, you won’t regret it as you will be bringing a piece of the most beautiful Venice home with you!

Grazie Joann & Christopher!


Aperitivo Leone: A new Aperitif on the Block in Venice, Italy!

Have you guys ever heard of “Aperitivo Leone“? If you haven’t, now it’s about time to make this straight!

Leone is an alcoholic beverage (20°), born in 1957 in Bassano del Grappa  thanks to the skills and passion of Mr. Leone Miotti. The value of Leone is enclosed in its traditional composition that offers an elaborate mix of selected natural ingredients. Leone possesses the typical unique Freshness of Juniper Extract (Aromatic Flavor Tasting) and has digestive properties.

So here at Vineria all’Amarone, we have decided to combine this aromatic drink with the ingredients of the widespread “Venetian Spritz”:

  • Leone 1/5
  • Prosecco Sparkling Wine 3/5
  • Soda Water 1/5

[Pssst! … We also sell bottles of Leone in our nextdoor Wine Shop.]

Have you Tasted the Aperitivo Leone already? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Wine Tasting in Venice!

When you get to Vineria all’Amarone, don’t forget to ask your waiter for a Wine Tasting Experience!

Based on your wine preferences, your waiter will select for you a combination on local Italian wines together with some delicious Cold Cuts & Cicchetti.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to make a Booking!


Wine Tasting Venice Italy



Graduation Party in Venezia @ all’Amarone!

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We have been very happy to host the Graduation Party of a Neighbour Student who lives right upstair the Vineria all’Amarone.

As you may know, students from all over the world come to study in Venice at the “Università di Venezia” hence the reason why you can assist to many graduation parties both in the streets and in different bars & cafés in Venice. The tradition wants that friends of the graduating student organize pranks and funny c0stumes for him/her, prepare for him a “Papiro” (A huge paper made by the closest friends with funny story of his life), and chant the famous “Dottore… Dottore… Dottore del… “.. Do you know the rest? :P


Redentore in Venezia Mode: ON!

We are ready to celebrate the “Festa del Redentore“!

How do you like the decorations?

Free Wi(ne) Fi(ne) @ all’Amarone!

We believe that Free Wifi is a must have service for any customer these days, it gives you the opportunity to check more information on what to do next in Venice, to post your pictures on their favorite social network and to keep in touch with friends and family. We hope therefore you appreciate our Free Wi(ne) Fi(ne) Zone @ Vineria all’Amarone! The password is “weloveamarone” (of course!).

Also, you can post a picture straight on our website in real time by tagging your Instagram picture with #InstaVineria

See you soon! Here’s some info on how to get here.

Our New Cool & Cold Air Conditioning Sign

What do you think about our brand new Air Conditioning Sign?

Come visit us this Summer if you are Feeling too HOT in Venice!